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5 steps to improve Diversity in recruitment

Download our 5-step guide to help improve diversity in your recruitment processes.

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ESG Through the Lens of People Leaders

Download our report to discover what ESG factors People leaders are responsible for, what challenges they face, how aligned ESG is with company culture and more.

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Executive Evaluations

March 6, 2023

View or download our in-depth analysis of what Executive Evaluations should entail, why and when to appoint an independent assessor, and how they should be conducted.

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A whole new way of working?

April 27, 2021
JP Hibbert

With the likes of HSBC, Goldman Sachs and Nationwide publicly announcing their plans and the government “road map” suggesting a return to the office, even for those who can work from home, from June 21st, when and how companies organise their approaches and new working environments are very high on the agendas of business leaders and HR professionals. Having hosted a number of HR Director round tables for financial services organisations recently it has been fascinating to observe how different companies are approaching the challenges they face in returning to the office.

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The ideal Board member and how to navigate the road

March 4, 2021
Ralph Grayson

In response to those kind enough to respond to my earlier post “When is the right time to build an advisory board” and perhaps with a nod to the recently released Kalifa Report and the impending updates to the Chancellor’s “Future Fund”, I have been asked many times recently “What is the ideal profile and DNA needed to build a great scale up board”?