Sainty Hird & PartnersSainty Hird & Partners

Representative Assignments:

Financial Services Infrastructure

CFO, Asset Manager
CFO, Fund of Hedge Funds
CFO, Hedge Fund
CFO, Investment Bank
COO, Corporate Finance & Broking Firm
COO, Equity Derivatives
COO, Fund of Hedge Funds
COO, Hedge Fund
COO, Investment Bank
Chair, Financial Ombudsman Service
Chair, FSA, Consumer Panel
Chair, Regulatory Decisions Committee, FSA
Director of Enforcement, FSA
Director, Operational Risk, Investment Bank
Director, SFO
EMEA Head of Public Policy, Investment Bank
Enforcement Group Leader, Retail, Managed Funds & Stockbroking, FSA
General Counsel, Asset Manager
General Counsel, Fund of Hedge Funds
General Counsel, Hedge Fund
General Counsel, Investment Bank
General Counsel, Private Bank
Global Head of Compliance, Government Affairs & Regulatory Relations, Universal Bank
Head of Compliance, Asset Manager

Head of Compliance, Fund of Hedge Funds
Head of Compliance, Hedge Fund
Head of Compliance, Investment Bank
Head of Compliance, Private Bank
Head of Law, Policy & International Cooperation, FSA
Head of Risk, Fund of Hedge Funds
Head of Risk, Hedge Fund
Head of Risk, Investment Bank
Head of Risk, Private Bank
Head of Treasury, Investment Bank
HR Director, Energy Trading
HR Director, FSA
HR Director, Fund of Hedge Funds
HR Director, Hedge Fund
HR Director, Investment Bank
IT Director, Investment Bank
Learning & Development Director, Investment Bank
Legal Counsel, FSCS
Marketing Director, Asset Manager
Operations Director, Asset Manager
Property Director / Head of Office Services / Head of Estates, Investment Bank
Regulatory Change Risk Manager, Investment Bank