Sainty Hird & PartnersSainty Hird & Partners

Representative Assignments:

Cross Asset Derivatives


Head of Markets Sales (multiple geographies / regions)
Head of Cross Asset Class Solution Sales (multiple geographies / regions)
Flow Fixed Income Sales (multiple geographies / regions)
Macro Sales to Hedge Funds
Flow Equity Derivative Sales, Hedge Fund and Institutional (multiple geographies / regions)
Structured Equity Derivative Sales, Retail and Institutional (multiple geographies / regions)
Corporate Equity Derivative Origination (multiple geographies / regions)
Head of Prime Services Distribution (various)
Head of Program / Electronic / Quant Trading Sales and Sales Trading (various)
Head of ETF Sales (multiple geographies / regions)
Cross Asset Listed Derivative Sales and Sales Trading (various) 


Global Head of Quant Investment Strategy Structuring
Cross Asset Quant Investment Strategy Structuring (various)
Cross Asset Solutions Advisory / Reg Cap Structuring (various)
FICC Derivative Structuring (various)
Equity Derivative Structuring (various)
Cross Asset Corporate Derivative Structuring (various)
Fund Derivative Structuring (various)
Hybrid Structuring (various)
Quantitative Structuring and Research (various) 


Head of FX Options Trading
Interest Rate Options Trading (various)
Interest Rate Exotics Trading (various)
Government Bond Trading (various)
Head of Flow Credit Trading
Long / Short Dated Hybrids Trading (various)
Equity Derivative Flow Trading (single stock and index)
Equity Derivative Exotics Trading (single stock and index)
Delta One, ETF, Program and Equity Finance Trading (various)
Quant and High Frequency Trading (various)